Tom is an experience architect and facilitator at Talkforce.

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In the current climate corporate development workshops can be predictable and clichéd. I break that mould by designing and delivering unique and contemporary workshops that provoke growth and learning through interactive experiences and meaningful interventions. 

The aim of these workshops is to create genuine growth in capacity by exercising emotional muscle.  These workshops are highly engaging getting to point and avoiding jargon heavy conversation and death by slide show.

Todays professional environments are facing constant disruption and ambiguity calling for employees to be emotionally agile and resilient like never before.



For those with a genuine interest creating a lasting applicable realisation of their team’s potential.  Creating a culture of aware and effective individuals communicating and delivering at a high level of effectiveness.

A structured Six-month intensive development program that delivers profound results for team culture and individual capacity.  Participants have an increased emotional agility and ability influence self and others providing advanced self awareness, interpersonal skills and leadership abilities.

You don’t go to gym and expect to be in great physical shape able to workout alone with correct technique after one session.  Therefor the most effective way to build emotional agility is to have structured program that acts as scaffolding for until the new skills can stand on their own and be applied in both professional and personal lives with consistently impressive results. 


These initiatives deal with building trust and cohesion, leadership complacency, effective feedback, culture, mindset to name a few.  Group numbers range from leadership teams to whole departments of up to two hundred employees. Duration ranges from half day on-sites to two day off-sites. 


I run facilitated executive coaching one on one using a combination of all I have learnt over 15 years facilitating.  It is a concentrated version of my approach with groups and facilitates a deep level of self awareness, self expression and growth for the coachee. I have limited exec coaching spots so please inquire about availability.


I have been lucky to be an MC, interviewer and speaker at various events ranging from conferences to corporate balls and breakfasts 100-2000 in audience size.  My unique style is to maintain the same intimacy with 2000 as though I was one on one with an individual; I like my audience to feel I’m talking directly to them.  I will often have roving mics in the audience to dialogue and facilitate the room from the stage to reduce the feeling of separation between stage and audience.  Running captivating and memorable interviews is also a favourite of mine.